Immigration And Illegal Immigration

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During our most recent Presidential election, Donald Trump brought up the topic of illegal immigration in most of his debates. Stating that he would build a wall to separate Mexico and the United States because of his belief that immigration is hurting our society. Many of his voters also believe this as the truth. Carrying the idea that illegal immigration lessens the economy, burdens our Government institution and is unfair to those who came to America legally. However, undocumented immigrants carry much more positive affirmations than negative ones for the United States.
The United States economy was originally built on the backs of immigrants. In today’s economy, illegal immigrants build a great foundation to help bring out the best for other citizens. Supplying a workforce for jobs that other Americans may not want. Cleaning, house care, lawn work, dog walking, construction, and so on. Seeing it from the other perspective, it could be thought that illegal immigrants are stealing these jobs away from Americans. However, immigrants who participate in these jobs help stimulate the economy. Working in jobs that create time for whoever hired them. This allows whoever the individual is to be more productive or to do whatever they want with the saved amount of time they have. The economy is stimulated by this as the saying the more time; the more money said person could make. Also, participation by immigrants creates more revenue for the Government. As stated by the chief

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