Immigration And Immigrants In Bram Stoker's Dracula

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The tumultuous times of today seem grim and completely irredeemable, however, similar situations may have occurred in the past that ended with a somewhat happily ever after. In times of the past, various vampires, whether through disease, famine, or other plights, popped out of the woodwork, wreaking havoc on society until they were driven back into the shadows. The Victorian Era even went as far as to personify its troubles with this trope of the vampire through Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula. Similarly, now a new vampire, the immigrants, seeks entry into our society and haunts us with never-ending strife. Our society must do what has been done before and stop the dangerous immigrants from sucking our people dry by putting an end to the wave of uncontrolled, mass immigration.
The novel, Dracula was not chosen in vain as this particular work of Stoker’s boldly tackles the subject of immigration and its dangers. The main plot of the story is that a powerful vampire from Transylvania, Count Dracula, enters England to conquer it. Essentially everyone is oblivious to Dracula’s invasion except for our six heroes who are all that stand in his way. These heroes successfully save England, and humanity as a whole, by driving Dracula, the foreigner, out and eventually brutally murdering him. Through the tale of Dracula, Stoker and his stance on immigration become extremely clear: uncontrollable immigration must be stopped. As stated by Stephen Arata, this fear of the “primitive force”
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