Immigration And Mexican Immigration

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INTRODUCTION Due to their proximity, the United States and Mexico have a particularly unique relationship. Relations between the two nations often tend to be problematic due to controversial the issues they associate with, such as immigration and undocumented immigration into the U.S. because of the uncertainty of its overall effects on the nation. However, the push and pull factors that attribute to the desire of migrating to the U.S. are often too intense to resist, and thus Mexican immigrants are the most prominent demographic to migrate the U.S., making up half of the estimated 11.4 million undocumented immigrants residing in the U.S. are Latino or of Mexican origin (Siemons, 2016). Due to the circumstances in which migrants are influenced to leave their country of origin, it is imperative to understand the complexity of the process of migration and how it can be a life-altering experience, and can greatly affect the psyche of an individual. Previous research has shown that migrant youth are often driven by the higher wages in the U.S., which gives them the security and opportunity to build a better life (Tucker, et al., 2012). However, there is not much information available as to how these individuals adapt to their new surroundings. Not only is a person choosing to leave all that they know in order to seek a better life, they must also adapt to life in a completely different social structure and cultural practices. For instance, recent studies have focused on the

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