Immigration And Multiculturalism Essay

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Research for British Society paper: Ethnicity and Multiculturalism: The costs of immigration far outweigh the benefits. Discuss

More often and recently, the debate on the cost and benefits of immigration has become one of the most pondered question in our society. Even more unfortunately, the discussion on immigration has become a controversial one aided by some of the narrow minded representation from the media centralized on the negatives of immigration promoting the view that immigrants compete for jobs and pose a larger threat to the country. This was further exemplified where American President Donald Trump referred to Mexicans as “rapists, bringing drugs and bringing crime” and Nigerians “coming down here to take our jobs”. Despite this unfavorable view of immigration, this essay will counter this misguided bias and reframe the public debate on the issue of immigration supporting the view that its benefits outweigh its negatives as throughout the history of many nations, they have brought about diversity and have enriched and helped enhance social, cultural and economic aspects. Migrant workers are known to be the backbone of many countries, in the sense that some of them tend to they take up the unwanted and lowly skilled jobs reliant in helping keep the economy stable. In 2014, “migrants accounted for 47% of the increased workforce in the United States and 70% in Europe over the past 10 years”. Through this collective standpoint, they are seen to contribute
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