Immigration And The Issue Of Immigration

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Republicans and Democrats have been fighting over the issue of immigration since the 1900s. Immigration has been an issue declared by both Democrats and Republicans alike over debates, elections and even the presidency. Each political party has different viewpoints of immigration and how it effects society and the U.S. as a whole. Immigration is the great division between two opinions. These two sides are: one being people that are accepting with immigrants coming in and out of the U.S., while the others say there shouldn’t be any immigrants coming to the U.S. Both parties have different stances on these issues, however, neither are as reliable as the facts.

According to the Pew Research Center Republicans agree that immigrants are affecting the American society as a whole. (see Fig 1) They claim that immigrants affect America economically, criminally and in a societal manner. Republicans assert that immigrants increase crime rate. That’s the reason they demand “security at borders and ports of entry to prevent drug trafficking, illegal immigration and terrorism” (AILA). Also, they want layered fencing on the southern border” (AILA) to keep Mexican immigrants from crossing.
As seen in Fig 1, for the economy 71% out of the 85% Republicans agree that it is worsening the economy and only 12% disagree with that statement. They also only support those that hold advanced degrees dictating to “granting more visas to holders of advanced degrees in science technology, engineering…

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