Immigration And The United States

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My current event is on immigration and refugees, and how they are mistreated in our society. Immigrants have been the backbone of what made America great. This country is supposed to be the land of opportunity. For the people that come here it is all that they hear. Wanting a fresh start from whatever country they came from. The NASW (2015) said that “Immigration has increased rapidly in the 1990s, with more than 13 million people moved to the United States” (p.176). Immigrants and refugees is an issue talked about for so many years. “In 1965 the Immigration and Nationality Act Amendments provided a sweeping change in immigration law. The national origins system was abolished and a new set of priorities for admitting immigrants was adopted” (NASW, 2015, p. 176). Immigration has been a part of our culture, American society, and policy making for a long time now. It is talked about today even during our Presidential campaign for 2016. The problems with immigrants and refugees coming to America came to an issue when “Donald Trump said he would deport all undocumented immigrants in the United States which is an estimated 11 million people” (Saunt, 2015). In this article the Author Claudio Saunt made it his effort to explain this is a horrible idea. Saunt (2015) wrote in his article “In the past American cities and countries in the Southwest and Midwest tried to expel Mexican-Americans once before in the 1930s, and it was a traumatic result for the families affected.” From what

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