Immigration And The United States

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Based on the U.S Department of State for Immigration, an immigrant is "a foreign citizen seeking to immigrate, generally he/she must be sponsored by a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident, immediate relative(s), or prospective U.S. employer, and have an approved petition before applying for an immigrant visa." There are many different types of immigration which include illegal immigration, and legal immigration. Many of these fall into the legal immigration category: naturalized citizens, lawful permanent residents, family visas, and refugee/asylums. Naturalized citizens are born as aliens but then lawfully become citizens of the United States under the constitution. Lawful permanent residents are aliens who are allowed to legally work and reside permanently in the United States, they are also known as green card holders. Family visas are given to aliens whom are immediate relatives to a U.S Citizen. Refugees/asylums come to America to seek safety from their country when at risk. This paper will be about the history of immigration, how and when it came to be, which immigrants came to America, America 's biggest issues with immigration like border control, and deportation, government issues with immigration, and what is being done to fix all of this. Immigration began around the nineteenth century. European immigrants were one of the first to come to America. These immigrants were from Britain, Spain, France. In the 1500s the French and the Spanish began establishing
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