Immigration And The United States

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The opinion of many people today, immigration is what has made America. People who immigrate to a new country ace a number of challenging situations and problems in the new community where they live. The problems can be economic, societal and or cultural. There would be no America if not for immigration is what has made America because most of the people in this country are immigrants and from different parts in the world. Countries such as China, Germany, Japan and many others have contributed to the population the United States. Even the oldest populations, the Native Americans from other country. However, some of our neighbors to from South Mexico, many undocumented illegal, flocked to America illegally as a consequence of bad economics and poor living conditions, many Mexican Americans have chosen to come to live in the United States illegally. Those Mexican Americans made the choice because they anticipate freedom and an opportunity for a better life here in the United States of American. Unfortunately some illegal immigrants have paid the price of death, instead of getting their freedom. This has become a growing problem in the United States. Therefore, immigration is good but in this respect, economic, immigrants and society culture can effect on the country population and economy. At the first point, it seems to be society problem since language is traditionally. In fact, when an immigrants have arrived in the country, in order to find their places, this is

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