Immigration And The United States Essay

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Immigration as a whole is not the problem of focus but instead it is the system that is in place to regulate immigration and prevent the negative aspects of immigration influencing the United States. The Obama Administration recognizes the system is broken and knows it is a big deal for the country not only are we aware of the situation but there are things we would like to put into action in order to fix the system, sooner rather than later. The Obama Administration would like to do things such as place focus on deporting felons and not hardworking families and ensuring that those who do immigrate to the United States do their fair share within the country. We believe the United States citizens are not losing their jobs solely because of the immigration but because of the illegal immigration and undocumented workers who are employed largely because they are exploited and will work for much lower wages. We see this as hazardous to our economy. The Obama administration has taken executive actions in order to try and fix the system however powers are still limited and it is ultimately up to congress on whether these such actions can be executed successfully. Such actions would include tackling immigration at it source , the border, and strengthening security, earned citizenship, streamlining immigration, and using immigration to grow our economy. As stated before the Obama Administration unlike some others arguments recognize the benefits of immigration to the United States
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