Immigration And The United States

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Many of you are aware of the immigration issue we are facing on a day to day basis. There are many opinions regarding immigration and immigrants but it is time for some facts to be brought to the public eye. Firstly, who are immigrants? When most of us think of the term immigrants Latin American individuals come to our mind or cheap laborers who don’t speak our language. Technically speaking, all of our ancestors were immigrants. The English language itself is a derived from the Germanic language. Ethnic background should not matter in the quality of a person and all the racist comments and views on immigrants are really contradictory, seeing as everyone in the United States has a different amount of diversity in their ancestry. Every…show more content…
Many people use the excuse that they dislike immigrants because they are stealing American jobs and not benefitting society. That is a completely false statement. Whether immigrants crossed the border legally or not, they provide a benefit for the economy. This is called specialization of labor. The fact of the matter is that immigrants are yearning to come the United States to work. Since they are so willing to do jobs that Americans are usually too lazy to do, this allows the United States to afford cheaper food and better services. Taxes, entitlements, and spending are what has caused the economy to down spiral, not immigrants. One of President Obama’s guidelines to gaining citizenship of the U.S.A is paying taxes. You would be surprised to know that an estimated 8 million illegal immigrants have paid taxes including income, Medicare and Social Security according to As Reason Foundation Senior Analyst Shikha Dalmia. Social Security revenue alone is about 11 billion a year from illegal immigrants. Obviously immigrants and everyone, in general, are going to buy items. This means that immigrants, legal or illegal are paying sale taxes. How is this not helping our economy? It is benefiting our country and ourselves in so many ways. It is a fact that ven more illegal immigrants would pay taxes if they didn’t have to worry about the consequences, such as possible deportation. This shouldn’t be a worry families and individuals face on a daily basis. Most
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