Immigration And The United States

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Argumentative Immigration Should Increase In the USA The USA is the land of immigrant people. A lot of immigrants migrate from their home countries to the USA for different reasons. Some people immigrate to the USA because of problems of politics, religion, famine and starvation in the world especially, at the third world countries. Others immigrate to live better lives and some immigrate to get better educational opportunities. Another reason more immigrate come to the USA because of war and conflicts in their countries. People have been immigrating to the USA for a long time. In general, people emigrate from one country to another because of internal and external problems. The American journey and success would simply not be possible without generate of immigrants. It is helpful to take a moment to reflect on the important contributions by the generation of immigrants who have helped to build the economy and America to become the economic engine of the world. Therefore, more immigrants should allow into the USA is important to the country’s development. Immigration to the USA should increase for several reasons. One reason immigration should be increased in the USA is many immigrants start new business and contribute to the American economy development. Immigrants are important for the American economic, strength and development. For instance, if an immigrant who comes from Asia and he opens a small Asian restaurant, and hire more employees to facilitate his

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