Immigration As An Ethical Issue

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IMMIGRATION AS AN ETHICAL ISSUE 2 Immigration as an ethical dilemma has attracted decades of debate. It is an ethical issue that has not found a solution, and it does not appear that it will find one soon. Immigration debates may look interesting but the two antagonistic groups: those who support immigrant and those who oppose them seem to score equally with no solution (Kourtsounis, 2014). The groups that oppose immigration have strongly accused the government for allowing its borders to remain porous to illegal guests. These groups have strongly indicated that, both legal and illegal immigrants are a threat to American citizens. On the other hand, even though there is no one who is advocating for immigration directly, the groups that support immigration urge the Federal and local governments to develop policies that will legalize refugees who are already seeking American residents. These groups dwell on the fact that immigrants are also human beings and that they are possibly looking to the Unites States in search for a safe haven. They also emphasize that Americans have a sense of obligation through their humanitarian philosophy, and so they cannot afford to lock them out, nor can they afford to send back illegal children who are looking for safer place to live. Debaters in this ethical dilemma both have genuine reasons why they support or oppose immigration. At the heart of immigration debate are the groups that oppose legal and illegal migration (Kourtsounis, 2014).
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