Immigration Autobiography

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Immigration has always been significant in my life. Both of my parents was born and raised in different cities in El Salvador. My father immigrated to the United States at the age of 20 and my mom at the age of 17. Coming from opposites sides of the country, both ended up in California. It was only years later that they would meet in San Francisco, start a relationship, and get married. My sister was born years later and 2 years after that, I was born.
I grew up in a Spanish language household. Spanish was my first language, so it meant that later throughout elementary school, I had to pass my ESL exams every couple of years. I always hated taking the exams since I learned english around the same time I learned spanish. Whenever I spoke in spanish in school, I would sometimes face criticism because it wasn’t “American.” At the time, I didn’t care what people thought. I grew around immigration so I understood about being sensitive when talking about the subject.
I never knew what immigration actually meant until I was in middle school. My parents didn’t explain it, so I learned about it in school. My parents were not born in the U.S so the term to describe them were immigrants. Also, they crossed the border from Mexico to the United States meaning that they came to the U.S illegally. Once I put the two words together, my parents were labeled as illegal immigrants.
I didn’t quite understand why my parents came to the country illegally when I was a child. I thought that
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