Immigration Current Event

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Assignment 1: Current Event Christopher Punla SOCI111 WIN 17 American Military University Abstract I. Newly inaugurated President Donald Trump has recently approved a ban involving the restriction of travel into the United States of immigrants from seven Muslim countries. Since this ban is only for up to 90 days, this is just the beginning of a potentially longer or even permanent ban. This is not the first time he has demonstrated the lack of regard with social equality. II. President Trump has only been in office for a week and has already made some major changes and decisions. 1. Trump has signed multiple documents regarding the ban of over 134 million immigrants from immigrating to the United States. 2. This…show more content…
These beliefs range from finding and deporting illegal and maybe even legal immigrants to building a wall between the US and Mexican border as a resolution to the immigration issue. According to an article from CNN on the 27th of January 2017, President Trump has signed multiple documents declaring that over 134 million immigrants be unable to enter the United States. The ban applies to seven countries where Muslims are prominent and includes barring immigrants from entering the United States for up to ninety days, however since this may only seem temporary it may just be the beginning of an even longer ban of immigration or worse. Since it has only been a week since President Donald Trump has taken his seat as the President of the United States, he has already performed bold and controversial actions which may only be the tip of the iceberg. “It's unclear how many more countries will be added to the list, but the official said the administration will be "very aggressive" as it weighs how many more countries to add to the list.” (Diamond,…show more content…
A person of significance who has also made a reference to Adolf Hitler was Yale professor, Stanley Milgram. Stanley Milgram is known for conducting his controversial and seemingly cruel experiment on obedience in the 1960s and wanted to learn about what exactly makes people obey questionable orders and authoritative figures. People could be followers out of fear, like with President Trump, or they could be full on supportive simply because they enjoy these harsh and aggressive tactics that these leaders used as witnessed during Milgram’s study. Just as it was portrayed during the study, certain people enjoyed inflicting agonizing pain to another human being due to the fact that it gives them a position of power, just as a non-minority individual may feel with a minority race in the United States. The fact that Trump himself seems to support the unequal treatment of the racial minority in this country in the way of being a nationalist, but is portrayed as a nationalist that only supports whites as being the “true American people” just as Adolf Hitler was a nationalist by only desiring Aryan people to support his cause. As a result, this creates multiple classes of society as explained by Max Weber’s theory of stratification, he explicitly explains about how people are classified into their
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