Immigration During The First Years Of The Twentieth Century Essay

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Immigration in the first years of the twentieth century had a profound impact on American society, culture and the political landscape. The effect of this immigration helped to determine the United States’ global persona for the entire century. As larger groups of Western Europeans immigrated to the United States, in the first twenty years, they brought with them, their culture, traditions, and European (old world) mode of thought. These modes of thought were based on their social, political and religious views. The religious views were paramount, moreover with the Roman Catholics. Their social and political basis was more flexible and they were able to adapt it to the American way of life in somewhat of a manner. When they became vastly intertwined within the culture of the factory towns and metropolitan cities their influence can be seen and felt. These immigrants became the predominant workforce in the factory and mill towns that became the industrial revolution in America. Their influence on politics is most especially keen, as most of Europe is more of a social and left leaning society, their impact on the United States, which at the time was more center right, was to push the country decidedly left of center. As we will analyze, the change to the United States was not dramatic nor revolutionary, it took place over the entire century and is still continuing to change with modern immigration trends. This has become clearly visible during the middle and later
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