Immigration During The United States

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Immigration in America Immigration in America started way back in the day specifically in 1600 with the English pilgrims. People tend migrate in other countries for many different reasons. The colonization/mass immigration to the Americas started with Europeans seeking for religious freedom, about 100 settlers has settled themselves not too far from Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620.They were welcomed by the native people who taught them how to survive some bad weather condition. The settlers came and started a new life, many of them became very rich and wealthy. As the years passed, more immigrants from many other countries including; Europe, China, Japan, and Australia have come to America. One of the exceptions was the Africans who were…show more content…
This cheap labor of the Chinese causes the Americans to be upset and they demanded for them to leave. Since then, immigration has taken a twist, started in 1882 with Chinese exclusion act where many Chinese were force to leave the country (Yung). “The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act forbade immigration by Chinese. Chinese laborers were denied the chance to become citizens. “A few categories of Chinese--merchants, diplomats, teachers, students, and visitors--could still enter.” During the same period congress voted to make it more difficult for people from Asia from entering the country and some of group were targeted. Back then immigration law prohibited admission for criminal, prostitutes’ lunatic, polygamist, anarchist and perverts. In 1907-08 the Japanese began in a series of negotiation with the US government that allow Japanese immigrant to filed legal document to allow their relative to come to America. This accord was nicknamed “gentleman’s agreement which denied entry to Japanese and Korean laborers in America. The treaty is valid as long as Japan control its people and its colonies from pouring in the United States. Compromise and diplomacy has play a great role on behalf of the Japanese, and between 1924 more than 65.000 Japanese immigrant has granted admission to stay in the country (Yung). Angel Island and Ellis Island are known as the places where immigrants normally detained but the living condition was very
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