Immigration Enforcement : The United States

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Texas has been an immigrant destination since its founding, but as the rate of Illegal immigration increased. The policy from the federal government has been shifted from openness to increase enforcement to patrol the border and pass more and more laws restricting legal migration in to the country. Since Texas has the longest border with Mexico, enforcing the rules has been tough. In response to the enforcement gap the state has plug the enforcement gap by using local and state enforcement agency to assist the federal government, while at the same time treating the illegal immigrant already in the state with some leniency. According to the Texas Tribune, "Texas has over 1 million undocumented immigrants" which constitute a huge number compare to other states (Texas Tribune). As a result Texas has been at the Forefront of immigration enforcement while allowing long term migrants to stay and also giving them some state welfare benefits. While the federal government has been cracking down around the border area its resources for internal enforcement has been diverted to the external area. Resulting in the state to pass policy to give the local authority to enforce immigration law internally, but as states like Texas has increase enforcement internally. It has created rift between the state and federal government, according to multiple news sources like CNN the Supreme Court ruling on Arizona 's SB1070 law "stated that the Supreme Court has declared that immigration

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