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My thoughts on Immigration Submitted by: Dhara Shah The major reason people emigrate from their homelands is better future aspects such as better financial stability, better working hours and better living standards. Despite all these opportunities, there are many issues that immigrants face while trying to obtain the equality in their status-quo. Some of these issues are different visa levels, job insecurities, racial discrimination, language problems and cultural barriers that each and every immigrant has to cope up with. Initially, all immigrants face cultural clashes and have difficulty in communication since English is not their…show more content…
Hence, many immigrants land up doing menial tasks and highly underpaid jobs at gas stations, provision stores, motels, bakeries, cleaning beauty salons or waiting upon tables in restaurants. You see huge crowds of people every morning at places like Home Depots where people come with only one hope- work… They are ready to do any job for a meager amount of money. With the economic recession looming at large, they prefer to have some income rather than go home with empty hands and starved stomachs. And for illegal immigrants, the situation is even worse. They cannot legally sign a lease or rent an apartment, cannot have an access to bank accounts and are not eligible to get any kind of insurance. Even after getting an underpaid job, there is no guarantee that they would be paid for their work done because if the employer does not pay them, what can they do?? They cannot report the employer to the police as without any documents, they have no basis to fight for their rights. They constantly live in the fear of getting deported to their home country. Many a times, they do not approach a doctor for diagnosing their illness only because they are afraid that they might not be treated because there are no official records in the US health department; not to mention that they cannot afford the exorbitant fees of the doctors. These immigrants can never visit their home country

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