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Research Paper : Why Immigrants Should Have Better Immigration Process All my life, my mother and father has told me how hard it has been to support our families in Vietnam. The economy from here to there is so horrible that we have to support them. We're always sending at least about a million in Vietnamese money which is equal to about a hundred in American money due to the currency between America and Vietnam. Because of these two reasons, I am in favor of having better immigration process for people who come outside the US. Through out the US, there are many ignorant people out there. Who are only thinking about money and how to make money? While not thinking about how other races has affected our countries. Unknown to…show more content…
Many academics, including the most famous sociologist alive today, William Julius Wilson has proven the fact why many Immigrants work in such low paying jobs in the service sector. Namely because many Native - US born citizen just do not want them. In other words, there is a demand for their labor because low-income Blacks and Latinos frequently won't take those kinds of jobs. In fact, it is proven that Immigrants can actually generate more jobs. Given the fact that, they have revitalize the reproduction of garment manufacturing, shoe manufacturing and even agriculture. Because of all these immigrants taking over what the Native born Us would take, industries like these have actually been recovering from being shut down. Now with new departments and industries being opened, they create many new jobs for the middle range people allowing them to continue on with their own standard way of living (i.e. personal services, in hotels, restaurants, maintenance, cleaning, construction etc.). "Immigrants abuse the welfare system." Now another reason on why many people complain about there being too many immigrants would have to be on the welfare system. After many refugees entered America due to many disasters or even wars, only about 2.5 percent, had actually received public assistance. That's only compared to the 4.2 % of the native born. Refugees who actually

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