Immigration For Immigrants

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Moving to a new place you have never been before is hard. You don’t know anybody or where anything is, it is a whole new world. This can be experienced by every immigrant coming to America. The United States is the number one country when it comes to immigrant population. According to Politifact, the US Department of Homeland Security has gathered data of immigrants coming to the U.S and in 2013 it was 990,553. These immigrants have special laws though, laws made for immigrants alone and not everyday people. They should have the same rights as everybody else has.We have the right from the constitution to have the choice to choose our own language, religion, and beliefs. Immigrants should have the choice to choose how far they would like to assimilate into American culture, so that they may feel comfortable. Immigrants that want to learn English should be given the opportunity to learn. In the argumentative essay , “Why Make Unnecessary Demands,” by Jacob Stokes where a man argues for immigrants to be required to learn English an article that he argues that, “ Many Immigrants who desire to learn English are already struggling for a chance to do so. Cities across the U.S. are experiencing severe shortages of English teachers, leaving lines of would-be English speakers waiting outside their doors.” The Immigrants who want to learn English to better themselves don’t have the opportunity to learn because of lack of resources. Learning English, to these immigrants, can help

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