Immigration Has Been A Significant Part Of Canada

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Immigration has been a significant part of Canada. Immigrants come here to search for work opportunities, a new life, and to prepare to start or support a family. However, there are many challenges that come along with a new life, significantly, social exclusion.
Social exclusion is characterised by unequal access to resources, capabilities and rights, which leads to health disparities. Immigrants are experiencing a new circumstance and a new culture, they might lose sense of belonging due to limited support from others like relatives and have less connection with local community members. It causes a lot of mental stress on immigrants and do not ask for help in time. Moreover, different religions, beliefs and cultures bring about conflicts between healthcare delivers and patients, even unstable parent-children relationship. These conflicts affect individuals’ health as well. The last but not least important one is the language barrier, one of the factors that causes social exclusion, which blocks immigrants from making connection with local people and having the equal treatment of illness as local people do.
This paper is going through comparing data of immigrants’ health status with native-born people to find out the relationship between immigrants experience and health and well-being. Two susceptible age groups are being discussed and females are also an emphasis. Also, how cultural difference conflicts and problems of employment affect immigrant health will be considered.
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