Immigration & Health

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IMMIGRATION AND HEALTHCARE: ISSUES, CONCERNS, AND CHALLENGES FACING THE NATION. Martin Kwesi Hinneh-Luther Instructor: Professor Neil Mathur HC 491: Senior Seminar in Healthcare Management May 8, 2010 TABLE OF CONTENTS ABSTRACT---------------------------------------------------------3 I. Introduction-------------------------------------------------------5 II. Statement of the Problem---------------------------------------6 III. Significance of the Study----------------------------------------6 IV. Definition of Terms-----------------------------------------------7 V. Review of Related Literature-----------------------------------8 VI. Analysis of…show more content…
5. What impact does the new healthcare reform have on immigrants? 6. What are the challenges in healthcare reform for immigrants? 7. Would healthcare reform encourage or discourage the influx of immigrants? My intent is to try and investigate these issues with an independent mindset and let readers draw their own conclusions. Significance of the Topic This topic has generated long and serious debates across the country. Even after it was recently passed into law, many are still contemplation on it. I believe this topic has been on the dining table of most Americans. This is because it is very vital not only to the sustenance of the economy but also to the well being of the citizens of this great nation as a whole. Many have received death threats, etc when this bill was passed. According to an article by Huffington post dated March 25, 2010, Colorado Senator Mark Udall on Thursday became the latest member of the Colorado Congressional delegation to receive a threat of violence this week for supporting health care reform. The arrest of a California man accused of making criminal threats against U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has triggered a heated debate about whether America 's conservative media — particularly Fox News — is fomenting potential violence against high-profile Democrats. Brooksville, Florida - Capitol Police and the Hernando County Sheriff 's Office is investigating a death
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