Immigration Interview [Edu 280 Artifact 2]. The United

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Immigration Interview [EDU 280 Artifact 2] The United States of America was a country founded by immigrants on the values of equality and freedom and the idea of a fresh start. Only American Indians are truly native to this country and the rest of us have some history of immigration in our ancestry. So what about today’s immigrants? Most people immigrate to the United States searching for simply searching for a better life. Immigration seems like it should be a simple and organized process, but many people who try to immigrate to the United States find that the process is not so simple. To better understand the immigration process, I have interviewed a friend who immigrated to the United States as a small child and now faces the…show more content…
Jose’s father had always mainly worked construction jobs with other undocumented immigrants and Jose joined his father’s line of work because there were not many jobs available to him and he felt obligated to contribute to the family, “A second feature of the Hispanic American family is the emphasis on cooperativeness and on placing the needs of the family ahead of individual concerns” (Manning & Baruth, 2009, p.170). Jose dreamed of going to college and pursuing art or graphic design but even these simple goals were out of reach for him because of his undocumented status. What was the country of origin, language, culture and way of life there? As I mentioned earlier, Jose was born in Nueva Rosita, Mexico but grew up here in the United States. He does still have some extended family in Mexico along with aunts, uncles, and cousins here in Las Vegas. Jose considers Las Vegas his hometown but acknowledges the effects of his Mexican culture and heritage in his family. Jose’s family speak Spanish at home and his parents’ only language is Spanish. Jose and his sisters are bilingual and prefer to speak English when they are not at home. Jose and his siblings often have to help their parents with forms or appointments where English is required and have often acted as translators, even when they were younger. Jose did explain that he initially had trouble in school because when he started Kindergarten

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