Immigration Is A Better Functioning Country

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If Immigration does anything for America, it is benefit our economy and everyday jobs and life. “In the years 1981-2013 the work force grew 43% just from immigration” (Bier). If that fact does not speak for itself, then it is saying that the “work force starting in 1981 was over 40% larger just because of the amount of immigrant workers, and non workers, that have come to the US. That alone is just one of the most economically changing effects of immigration. About 18% more of the immigrant population are employed than anyone citizens” (Furman) which states that out of all of the Americans that live here, compared to all of the immigrants, that there is more, 18%, immigrants apart of the money making and economy growing part of America.…show more content…
Some people would argue that “Immigrants do not do anything, they are lazy, the only thing they are good for is coming here to take up jobs and occupy space.” “From 1960-2009 production capacity (otherwise known as the amount of products that are being produced in factories in America) has only gone up, and around the same time immigrant numbers increased” (Peri).It is no coincidence that the time the immigration population started rising, so did the amounts of products produced per week, year, day, and month. Those facts show that immigrants have made businesses more efficient and overall factories and other mass producing businesses are more valuable. If that is not enough, “studies show that immigrants are 30% more likely to start up a mildly successful small business” (Furman). That means that out of the mass majority of American citizens the US possesses the immigration population has 30% more small businesses than our own. So, for example, there are two people, steve who is an American citizen and he does not have a job, but his friend moves here from mexico, Juan. And his dream is to find a way to start up himself a self-sufficient, self-owned business. But Steve is trying for the same business, Juan has a 30% more chance to actually start up and run that business. Only because the number comparisons between Americans with jobs and immigrants with jobs here in the US, is pretty sad on our part. Immigration is
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