Immigration Is A Controversial Issue For Many Countries

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Immigration has become very controversial issue for many countries. For decades, immigration issues that has affected the US economy has been questioned by both immigrants and citizens. There are people who highly support the idea of open immigration, keeping in mind the growth of population and the benefits from economic effects; on the other hand, there are people who strongly argue that too much immigration can cause unnecessary economic and political problems in society. So, what kind of impact did immigration bring to the United States economy? We should be aware of the consequences and use a different point of view on this case. Immigrants will bring benefits and liabilities, but we should expand immigration in the United States because economic growth, increase in cultural diversity, and overall impacts on society are much more positive than negative.
Immigration will not only help increase the profits of the country, but also help expand the United State 's economic growth. Some people consider that immigrants have injected fresh impetus into the US economy; however, there are others who deliberate that immigrants have instead brought social and economic burdens. According to a L.A. Times analysis summarizing the best available research, “Immigrants contribute mightily to the economy, by paying billions in annual taxes, by filling low-wage jobs that keep domestic industry competitive, and by spurring investment and job-creation, revitalizing

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