Immigration Is A Hot Topic In Today’S World And Was Even

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Immigration is a hot topic in today’s world and was even one of the main laws discussed by Donald Trump during his campaign. Both the Editorial Opinion: The Arizona Sentinel newspaper and “Immigration Sophistry” by Thomas Sowell demonstrate their views on how immigration should be handled in America, but the matter of how is where the two really branch off from each other. The Arizona Sentinel newspaper takes the stance that immigration is not as an immense problem as most Americans make it out to be. It claims that immigrants whose only crime is illegal immigration should be pardoned for it as they are tax paying people just like everyone else in America. It then uses five main reasons why they should be granted Amnesty. These reasons…show more content…
But if an ordinary American citizen gets a traffic ticket, the law is not going to just forget about it, no matter what good deeds he does afterwards (Sowell). Here Sowell is arguing that being an illegal immigrant is still illegal and that this process cannot be treated any different from any other law. It does not matter if said illegal immigrant has done nothing else wrong, they still broke a law regardless of which law they broke. While Sowell can argue against the Sentinel piece, the Sentinel piece argues against Sowell in its own way. The Sentinel argues against Sowell by saying that immigration is a natural right. In Sowell’s paper, he claims that citizenship must be “earned”, but the Sentinel piece claims that it is a “natural right, inherent to our humanity” (Arizona Sentinel). Here the Sentinel is arguing that immigration is not some governmental process that must have regulations and be considered law breaking, because looking for opportunity in America is a natural right that anyone is entitled to. Counter arguments by both sides is what keeps topics like these debatable and without them rational deductions cannot be made. Second, the two essays have handfuls of evidence to support their claims and each have one piece of evidence that specifically stands out from the rest. Starting off with the Arizona Sentinel, it claims that immigration can help the economy. To support this, they provide evidence
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