Immigration Is Growing Globally Essay

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Examine how and why migration is increasing globally. Address the increasing immigration situation in the U.S.
The number of international migrants living in a country other than where they were born reached 244 million in 2015. This is a 41 per cent increase compared to 2000, according to the United Nations today. This figure includes almost 20 million refugees.
“The rise in the number of international migrants reflects the increasing importance of international migration, which has become an integral part of our economies and societies. Well-managed migration brings important benefits to countries of origin and destination, as well as to migrants and their families,” (Hongbo, Wu 2016).
State and explain your perspective on whether the U.S. is inclusive or exclusive to migrants.
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(Auster, Lawrence. 2006)
Evaluate the positive and negative aspects of immigration. Be sure to represent both sides.
The positive aspect of immigration brings economic growth, energy and innovation. The negative aspect is if there is an increase in population it puts pressure on public services, unemployment may rise, and friction and difficulties with local
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