Immigration Is Not As Black And White

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While the Democratic and Republican Parties don’t see eye-to-eye on what the optimal solution for immigration would be, and in fact members within each party have differing opinions, they both agree that our current system is not ideal and it calls for a great amount of work. In a recent gallop poll taken in June and July of 2015, the public responded to the question: “In the United States, in your view, should immigration be kept at its present level, increased, or decreased?” 40% responded saying that it should be kept at its present level, 25% said it should be increased, and 34% said it should decrease; (1% had no opinion). (Gallup) Immigration has been a core value of the United States since our beginning and it will continue to be a pertinent one. Each party, however, has its own ideas of what our best solution would be to this issue. The topic of immigration is not as black and white as some may think; it is multi-faceted and one decision has the potential to affect multiple other areas. Immigration affects the lives of people inside and outside of our borders, the security of our country, as well as the economy. Choosing to bring immigration to a halt or dramatically decrease levels may increase our security, but how would it affect our economy? Similarly, if the U.S. does not closely regulate immigration affairs, how could that compromise the security of the country? Much of the discussion begs the questions: ‘How do we deal with those already present in the…

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