Immigration Is The Act Of Movement Of The United States

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Immigration is the act of movement of personalities from their country of origin to another one for better lives, education, visitations, job opportunities and also the undertaking of business transactions amongst nations that can either be legal or illegally inclined. The United States being a land of opportunity and a superpower has made the nation one of the most admired countries in the globe (Laidler and Turek, 2014). Its economy and robust foreign policies have catapulted the interests of many populations all over the world. The urge has led to both legal and illegal migrations of persons from other nations to the U.S preferably the Asian, Indian, Mexican and the Hispanic ethnic groups among others. The immigration penalty has become a phenomenon in the United States such that it forms the opinions and the decisions that the civilians make when it comes to the general election (mostly the 2008 Obama elections to date) (Rowland 528-547, 2013). In 2008, the John McCain and Obama presidential debate was shaped primarily by the immigration rules and opinions that the contestant had for the endeavors of the United States capacity to bring in more immigrants. The debate scheduled the fight for and the decline of citizenship to the populations already in the U.S (Laidler and Turek, 2014). It was and has always been a tricky subject for the campaigners such that in the cities like Chicago, Arizona, Ohio and Pennsylvania, most of the voters had a higher percentage of
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