Immigration Is The Strongest Forces That Has Shaped Recent History

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There has been a dramatic rise in immigration in the past 30 years. The new immigrant families are more linguistically, socioeconomically, ethnically diverse than previous immigrant families. Immigrants face more stressors today than in previous years. Counselors need to be aware of the many differences and the many struggles that today 's immigrants face. Keywords: Immigrants, stressors, struggles Group Counseling with Immigrants Thirteen million refugees and about 100 million immigrants have moved across borders within the last several decades (Potocky-Tripodi 2002). Global changes that have currently occured account for an unprecedented movement of individuals across the world in search of better opportunities and conditions.…show more content…
Physiological expression of stress has been researched to show the impact stress has on an individual when they interact in their environment, how they cope and their resilience (Franken 1994). Immediate response would be from the autonomic nervous system, which allows a person to react quickly to danger (Mitchell and Everly 1996). Along to the immediate fight or flight response, other physiological reactions that are longer lasting range in different stages such as the Alarm phase, Resistance phase, and Exhaustion phase (Selye 1974). Immigrants are confronted with multiple challenges ranging from dealing with their pre-migration stressors (i.e., (i.e., loss of family, trauma, etc.) and coping with post-migration resettlement (i.e., change in family dynamics, language, culture shock, finding gainful employment, etc.) (Chung & Bemak 2011). The decision to relocate for many immigrants may be due to many challenging and stressful experiences (Yakushko and Chronister 2005). Even if the move was by choice, relocating takes a great amount of planning and pressure. The move often brings with it a great amount of losses of connections with family and friends from home. The pre-migration stress is very challenging. Stressors continue to be significant after relocating. Immigration challenges are stronger in immigrants than in normal demographics. Demographic variables such as age, gender, marital status,
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