Immigration Is Unnecessary And Not Ethical

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2008 almost 38 million people in America were foreign born. That was roughly 12.5% of all Americans at that time (“Emigration and Immigration”). If all the people that are descendants of immigrants are added to that, the number gets a whole lot bigger. Do immigrants help or ruin our society and culture? Should immigration be allowed? The debate has raged on for hundreds of years, and it will likely go on forever. Immigration is when a person comes into a new country and settles there. Not only do immigrants cause taxes to rise, they also threaten public safety and occupy jobs that Americans need to survive, leading to the conclusion that immigration is unnecessary and not ethical. Immigration has a big history and background because it has been going on for a really long time, and in lots of countries. Immigration has been in America as early as the 19th century, and it is still around today. There are lots of good things, bad things, causes, and effects of immigration. Some people say immigrants are needed to help America’s economy and culture, but others say immigrants are pointless because they raise tax levels, threaten public safety, and take Americans’ jobs. Illegal immigration is also a factor in the debate. Illegal immigration is when someone immigrates without filling out all the necessary paperwork, and crossing the border of the country without anyone noticing. There are plenty of reasons why people immigrate. Some of them are getting certain freedoms that they
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