Immigration Issues In America

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In the Republican presidential campaign, one of the more major issues discussed is immigration and how there should be more walls and deportation made. Becoming more accepting towards immigrants can lead to opportunities to becoming part of an open society. Despite the fact that there are more things to worry about than immigration, it is not a big problem. Not all Americans are affected by the immigrants. Immigrants in school are being bullied because they are not citizens of the U.S.A. Kids who come to the U.S. usually struggle academically. With the constant struggle regarding immigration within our society, it is not fair to those who want a better life and are genuinely good people.
A lot of the recent discussion are the fact that immigrants
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and family to make a better life. They come here to make money, feed their family and give them everything they need. Marco Saavedra, an activist, an immigrant, is a graduate from Arizona University. He addresses the fact his family moved here to get jobs. “…when my family could no longer make a living as subsistence farmers in Oaxaca, we crossed the Mexican border into the U.S. to get jobs…” (Saavedra). His family moved here so that they can have a job and have food on the table. He is not only a college graduate, but a co-author. He is the co-author of the book “Eclipse of Dreams: The Undocumented-led Struggle for Freedom”. What people don’t notice is that they come here to work, not to cause problems. Some of the candidates of the presidential campaign view and make them seem like they are such a big problem in the United States, which is why they think more walls and deportation should be…show more content…
Saaverda stated that he is a college graduate from Arizona University and a co- author in a book, and is an immigrant himself. He’s gotten very far just like many other immigrants. There should be no reason why the government should build more walls if all immigrants are doing well. Although it is a crime being here illegally, they should be treated equally just like any other human being. Immigrants move themselves and families to put food on the table, clothes on their backs, and to come out in front. Although many Americans don’t see immigrants as a problem, presidential candidates have failed to see that. There are much bigger issues that immigrants. In an article by Jan C. Tang he states “…while the official unemployment rate is still around 5 percent, for African-Americans the unemployment rate is over 9 percent” (Tang). This is an outrageous percentage for an unemployment rate. It’s not necessary to try and build more walls and deport immigrants when the unemployment rate for African Americans is obviously a major issue. The presidential campaign should really focus on things that actually matter, unlike
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