Immigration Laws And Policies Are Unfair

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Immigration has been an existing occurrence ever since the first of humans and persisted as land continued being discovered. There has always been major controversy over this subject, both public and political, especially in the country of America. Immigration laws and policies are unfair because many of these people are not what citizens depict them as. When people think of immigrants their thoughts automatically connect to Mexicans, field workers, and crossing the U.S./Mexico border. What many Americans forget is that the United States was founded off of immigration, everything from America’s discovery by Europeans, to African slavery, and has followed up to current day cultural diversity. Illegal immigration should not be a real concept because most of the accusations that are connected to immigrants are not true and are based solely on stereotypes and there are further issues associated with this process of deportation than the ones that initially appear. Regardless of the common claims that are directed at immigrants, there are many statistics that support the more positive aspect of these “aliens.” One of the many things that cause many people to oppose immigration are that many immigrants have low living standards or are simply living off of government welfare programs. The Center for American Progress actually stated that “Less than one in five immigrants live in poverty, and they are no more likely to use social services than the native-born Americans” (CAP,…
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