Immigration Laws and Its Impact on Undocumented Immigrant Students

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“Immigration laws” and its impact on undocumented college immigrant students The topic that will be introduced and discussed in this research paper is “Immigration Laws” and how it impacts undocumented college immigrant students living in California (2005-2010). This is a sensitive topic which often is neglected and not shown enough attention by government officials; meanwhile millions of people living within the U.S are being affected by it in their daily lives. This topic will consider its relevance to today’s sociological issues such as education, and politics as they are influenced by the development, structure, and functioning of the socioeconomic systems/Laws intended for college students, particularly those who are immigrants…show more content…
According to Lina Newton, “Immigration laws is to bring some order and sense to our immigration policy by regaining control of our borders and dealing with the hard reality that many of the finest, most law-abiding residents of the united states are in an undocumented status” (90). Immigration laws have been in placed to regulate the population and interaction of non-citizens residing in the U.S, in addition to maintaining control on the border system. These are areas impacting Undocumented Immigrant families in the modern day. California is one of the popular states known for its immigration laws that are impacting educational institutions, law enforcement, and reinforcing restrictions on public benefits based on a person immigration status. [Quote] Although California prohibits that law enforcement officers check the immigration status during traffic stops or similar conditions, it nevertheless assist in looking into suspected immigration related offenses. Certain legislation like the “Dream Act” which has been passed in California, it supports undocumented immigrant students in receiving equal educational benefits as legal in-state students by paying the same tuition fee and qualifying for financial aid benefits. Similar bills like the Dream Act will provide undocumented students with some, if not all the benefits that a

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