Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America Essays

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Immigration Needs to be Restricted in America Illegal immigration will cost the United States $280 billion dollars from 1995-2004. And that only counts for the immigrants that enter this country illegally. What of the legal immigrants that come to the United States and find it harder than they thought it would be? Most of these immigrants just go on welfare. Legal immigrants participate in 20.7 percent of all welfare programs while native citizens only participate in 14.1 percent (Borjas). This costs the American public millions of dollars every year. At the turn of the century 40 percent of immigrants that came through Ellis Island had to go home. If the immigrants can't handle the work force, there is nothing for them to do but…show more content…
The trouble isn't only coming from Mexico; Gangs of illegal immigrants from Jamaica known as "posses" were responsible for 600 homicides in 1986-1987 (Stacy). These Jamaican "posses" specialize in cocaine trafficking. The U.S. Government is not taking the needed action to deport these illegal aliens. In 1980, there was a flood of illegal immigrants from Cuba. When the Cuban Government saw that nothing was going to be done about these immigrants, they seized the opportunity. As many as 40,000 of Cuba's hardcore criminals, murderers, rapists and armed robbers were turned lose in Florida (Stacy). If the Government had taken action when it should off this would have never happened. Americans are robbing illegal immigrants, as they cross into the United States. Very few people who rob, beat or harass migrant workers are charged with more than a misdemeanor (Martinez). There is a problem here, but it is hard to protect people that are here illegally in the first place. Granted most of the migrant workers that cross the border illegally have no intention of breaking the law. It is a fact that most immigrants come here looking for work. From migrant laborers to skilled doctors and engineers, they are all looking to better their lives. In 1995, competition with low wage immigrants accounted for half of the recent decline in the wages among unskilled native laborers (Lind). Why should we have to import low wage
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