Immigration Negative Effects

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Immigration has been a very controversial topic in the United States (US) among government and citizens for a while now. Apart from racism, immigration creates tension when discussed due to the huge number of immigrants. According to the United States Census Bureau (2012), the 2010 American community survey (ACS) estimates the number of foreign born in the United States to be nearly 40million, representing about thirteen percent of the country’s total population. The Center for Immigration Studies (2011) also report that 2000 to 2010 is the highest decade of immigration in U.S history, as nearly 14 million of new immigrants, both legal and illegal, settled in the country. The massive figures create the need for a critical examination of…show more content…
Apart from insufficient resources, language serves a great barrier to communication at the health centers. To enhance health personnel and patient interaction, healthcare organizations make interpreters available at the hospitals and other places where healthcare is accessed. Even with the language setbacks, immigrants are able to acquire jobs and some citizens see this as a threat, so speculates that immigrants are a burden to the American community. Adding on, the threat has created the feeling that immigrants are taking away jobs available in the country meant for citizens especially, illegal immigrants. The “real” citizens who possess the right to attain jobs first before anyone else, are not getting the opportunity to exercise their rights. According to Green (2009) forty percent of native born African Americans are of the view that immigrants are stealing jobs from them. Even a higher number think that new immigrants are repressing salaries for all American citizen (Community Service Society (2007). The evidence above depicts that the African Americans seem to have a point. In the past, jobs such as butchering and lawn mowing were associated with the black community, but now the non-Americans are known for these. This change can lead to bitterness on the part of the black community as what belongs to them has been taken away. It is worth mentioning that most of these immigrants have genuine reasons for migrating to the United States. What is more,
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