Immigration Of The United States

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Today, many Americans complain about immigrants coming in to this country illegally. But in contrast, America is a nation made up of immigrants. All American born citizens have ancestry with at least one immigrant. In the 1890s, it was okay to come to this country without it taking years to accomplish. But in todays society, immigrants that come to the United States Illegally have a chance of getting arrested by I.C.E and being deported.
From January 1st, 1892- November 12th, 1954 it was common for immigrants to come into this country with relative ease, without having to spend months if not years trying to get the paperwork together to become a citizen. The point of entry was Ellis Island in New York. Upon arrival they were inspected for visible ailments and underwent a six second medical exam. If they were believed to be sick, they were marked with chalk and had to go through a more thorough medical exam. Once they were cleared and could go through processing they were asked questions that included their name, occupation, and the amount of money they were carrying. On average, from start to end, the process only took 3-4 hours. Only about 2% of people were denied entry in to America because of disease, criminal background, or insanity. About twelve-million immigrants came to the United States through Ellis Island in those 62 years. Famous passengers that processed through Ellis Island include Israel Isidor Baline (Irving Berlin) in 1893 from Belarus, Leslie Townes Hope
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