Immigration On The United States

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Jared Glasner
Mrs. Canard
American Government
8 April 2015
Immigration in the United States In my opinion immigration is a problem within the United States, and it desperately needs to be reformed by our government. So much tax money is used to help those who decide to immigrate while some of our native people are denied the same advantages that are given immigrants. Immigration from Mexico into the United States has been a phenomenon that has been ongoing for quite some time now. There is always an increasing number of immigrants who come into the United States to make a living for themselves (Creek and Yoder 680). People from Mexico are attracted to the United States because of the promise of a better life and opportunity. This opportunity is one of the principles that America is founded on, but I think we should not provide this opportunity when we have so many Americans already in need. There are various ways through which the Mexicans immigrate into the United States. Additionally, there are also various ways through which the Mexican immigration into America has impacted on America. Currently, there are more immigrants going into America from Mexico more than any other country. The main reasons why the immigrants go into America, is so that they can exploit better opportunities that exist in the region and chase the “American dream” (Creek and Yoder 680). Most of the immigrants who go into America regardless of their financial status usually go into America so
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