Immigration On The United States

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Immigration Rights in the U.S.
Immigration has occurred in the U.S. for for many years. Some say it’s the foundation of our country. America is the country where people leave their own country to live. People would leave due to mistreatment, hunger issues or job opportunities. America is known for starting over or accomplishing dreams, so immigrants travel over to follow those dreams. People emigrate from one country to another for a variety of complex reasons. Some are forced to move, due to conflict or to escape persecution and prejudices, while others may voluntarily emigrate. Although such a move may be necessary, it can be quite traumatic on top of the challenges experienced so far.Everyone should have this option to have better life than they once had and no should be told that they can’t live in America because of what others has done.

Immigration has been shun upon in the U,S but mostly by workers. Workers often feel that their jobs are being taken away for immigrants. But in actual fact Americans aren’t seeking for those jobs that immigrants have. Immigrants have taken jobs that Americans don’t want or that pay less. Employers like having immigrants working for them because they are willing to work at any price which help them save more money. Since immigrants are usually unskilled workers they don’t get hired for high paying jobs. Education also plays a role in how much they are paid and most immigrants have little education or none. Americans may also argue
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