Immigration Opinion Paper

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I agree that immigrants must learn to speak English if they want to stay in this country. Puedo hablar cualquier English! HUH? “Go back to where you came from”, are the first words out of my mouth when I hear this. In English it means, I don’t speak any English. Now lets back up just a minute, were in AMERICA, not Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country, so speak OUR language or get the hell out. Indians first inhabited America back when Columbus sailed the ocean blue and the language spoken in North America was Native American. Then, all the redneck Englishmen either killed most of them or sent them packing to the hills. The native language of the newly founded “America” then shifted to English. Since that time it has remained…show more content…
Respect, most all people foreign and domestic are taught respect at a very young age and are taught to use it whenever it presents itself necessary. So if you were going into a Chinese couple’s house wouldn’t you take off your shoes as do they before entering their house? It is respect for their beliefs and their possessions. And I think It should be the same if someone comes to our country to visit. They can leave their shoes on, but for god sakes at least speak our own damn language. Respect OUR traditions and ways of life and we will respect yours. And if you cant learn English before you come over to visit at least get a translation book like every dumb American tourist does before visiting a foreign speaking country. Our country is the best in the world and that is why everyone wants to come here and leave wherever they are, it is like this for a reason, its built on laws and constitutions and the only way it will remain the best country in the world is if people obey the rules of the land and can communicate with each other. I am not racist and don’t have anything against Mexicans, Asians or Africans but if you want to be treated equal and become an American please be respectful to our country and its citizens by doing everything legally and try to further our countries progress into the future instead of
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