Immigration Over The United States

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Immigration has become an extremely debatable topic in the United States over the past 15 years. The United States has earned the term "the melting pot of the world" due to the country 's history as an immigrant nation. The United States was founded by immigrants seeking a better life from the foreign countries they once called home. Over the past two-hundred years Ellis Island and Angel Island have been open doorways for countless immigrants entering the country. Often the glories of America 's long and rich history of immigration cover up the struggles and problems that immigrants faced and the burden it places on everyday citizens in society. Today citizens must face numerous challenges and obstacles brought on by both legal and…show more content…
That is why with an ever struggling world economy, both legal and illegal immigration into the United States is on the rise. An increase in immigrants from 3rd world countries to the United States is causing negative effects, making it even more difficult for already struggling Americans, thus calling for more preventative measures protecting the people of the United States.

In the midst of dealing with numerous immigrants a lot of confusion and lack of understanding the whole situation is created. A lack of understanding leads to numerous questions being asked. Questions such as where do illegal immigrants come from? Why do illegals come to the United States? And how do illegal immigrants make it into the United States? Immigrants can come from all sorts of different continents and countries. However it 's most often that immigrants come from third world countries with struggling economies. Struggling countries like Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, along with many others. Reaching the United States is not easy, and illegals begin their journey with much risk. With the risk illegals face, good reasons are required to consider the journey. In the countries they are leaving, illegals face many dangers from drug cartels and massive corruption in both the local and federal governments. As much as many immigrants try to better their lives in their home countries, they often face massive struggles
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