Immigration Parents Stand As A Newcomer Essay

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Literature Review As the 21st century progresses, our nation will become increasingly dependent on the current generation of children, a generation that is dramatically more diverse than previous generations (Shields, & Behram, 2004). Immigrant parents bring their values, language, culture, religion, and education backgrounds to our schools, enriching our educational environments (Guo, 2012). The challenges faced by many newcomer parents regarding their children’s schooling can be daunting (Bélanger, Dalley, & Turner, 2015). This view that immigrant parents are not necessarily equipped to accompany their children with the homework help is typified in the belief that: "If we look at some ethno-cultural groups, the parents have not necessarily completed their education within our school system, and sometimes, they can have difficulty helping with their children 's homework" (Bélanger, Dalley, & Turner, 2015). The focus on this paper is to further address where immigration parents stand as a newcomer, the focus on raising academic achievement of the students and how teachers can help with ensuring the success of their students.
Parent socialization practices have been identified as critical in determining children’s cognitive and social development in diver ethnic and cultural groups (Evans, Krishnakumar, Metindogan, & Roopmarome, 2006, pg. 239). It is argued that there are disagreenments about how different parenting styles influence cognitive and behavioural development of
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