Immigration Policy And Foreign Policy

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Immigration policy and foreign policy are in many ways interlinked, as they are often used to meet goals in one another’s policy areas. Together, they are used to enhance the safety of our citizens, making this topic particularly important. Immigration is specifically linked to our foreign policy efforts with underdeveloped countries (Keely 1978). To fully understand one policy area, you must understand aspects of the other. Thus, one should consider these relationships when analyzing and evaluating Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s policies on immigration reform.
Immigration policy can often be used as a tool for foreign policy goals. This usually occurs when national safety is threatened, and it is sparked by merely the perception that immigration and terrorism are linked. Many believe that terrorists can enter our country by manipulating Immigration laws such as refugee asylums, which leads to stricter immigration policy to better secure our national safety (Franzblau 1997, 4-11). Even now, the Republican Nominee for President of the United States, Donald Trump, makes statements like, “our immigration system is being used to attack us” (Hensch 2015). Regardless of the truth value behind his statement, it is relevant to note that the notion itself by such an important political figure could create a push for stricter immigration policy. The change in policy may be surrounding the issue of immigration, but the actual goal is the foreign policy goal of enhanced national
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