Immigration Policy And Its Impact On America

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With the rise of foreign people permanently settling in America, the immigration policy has affected all aspects of society in terms of growth and development of economy, societal issues, and national security. As the immigration policy is a broad topic among senators, it needs to be prioritize for it to be better understood. In doing so will improve the immigration policy and grasp the significance of its impact in America. Many of the values that brings America together as a nation, is due to immigration. America is a melting pot of variety of people that brings great contribution to the growth and transformation in the workforce. Immigrants has been strengthen America 's economy every since the 18th century American industrial revolution. During the American industrial revolution, it offers a great opportunity for people outside of the border for investment, employment, and productivity towards the economy. As a result, many foreigners has arrived to fill these roles and not only help them to settle but benefited the economy in the process. It furthers expanded in the technology revolution, in the early industrial revolution, which factories has machinery that required huge amount of man power that allowed an increase in productivity and production for the United States. With immigrants being a huge part of the economy, it shows that immigrants can help business become successful from their work ethic and boost earnings for American Workers. Some policies that we
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