Immigration Policy And Its Impact On The United States

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Immigration policy is in the news again as Congress and President Obama wrestling with how best to deal with a rising tide of undocumented immigrants, particularly, children from Central American countries like El Salvador. Salvadoran immigration to the United States has been fairly recent, intensifying in the late 80’s and continuing today unabated. The movement has a profound significance for both countries. Salvadorans help make up the backbone of America by taking low paying jobs few others show interest in taking. They work long hours and send money back to family members in El Salvador. This cash flow is vital to sustaining the Salvadoran economy, and preserving peace in an area plagued by violence--- a goal long sought by policy makers in America beginning in the 1980s. In 1980, the civil war was just starting in El Salvador, but it had already become ruthless, and very bloody. The government was committing human rights abuse after human rights abuse. The world looked away. During this time, the bishop of El Salvador was Monsignor Romero. At the time Romero was one of the most respected and influential people in El Salvador. Romero today is seen as El Salvador’s Martin Luther King Jr.---an honorable man who met a tragic death standing up for human rights. Romero had begun to speak out against the government in 1980. It wasn 't long before he began receiving death threats on a daily basis. Many of these from militias were being given support by the government. On
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