Immigration Policy And The Fight Against Illegal Immigration Rings

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I have chosen to translate a legal text originating from France for this assignment, specifically, LOI n° 2003-1119 du 26 novembre 2003 relative à la maîtrise de l 'immigration, au séjour des étrangers en France et à la nationalité. This Law aims to ensure the "generous welcome of immigrants" and "to strengthen the fight against illegal immigration rings without which a proper welcome cannot be extended to immigrants". It reformed in particular the "double penalty" system and made it a requirement to take account of aliens ' real integration into French society. I chose this text because immigration policy and legislation in general is an area that interests me greatly, and I feel that, due to the general nature and multiple frameworks surrounding international immigration, the translation of such laws can bring about unique challenges, specifically because so many legal systems and different parameters find themselves at play in these instances. Right after I graduated from undergrad, I spent the majority of 2011 working at the Canadian Embassy in Paris, France, and while I didn’t work with legislation specifically, I wondered if some previous exposure to the premises underlying Law 2003-1119 would help me in this translation. Ultimately, I didn’t particularly find this to be the case, as the document in question was so dense, and resulted in the same translation difficulties that one would expect to encounter when working with an unfamiliar legal document. After a quick…
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