Immigration Policy Institute ( Mpi ) Immigration

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Background and Justification According to Migration Policy Institute(MPI) immigration is a prominent part of the United States ' DNA. Among different immigrant groups in the United States it is highly uneven, and the size of the unauthorized population continues to be a powerful barrier to social cohesion, full social economic, and political integration. (Jimenez, 2016)
The Research Problem Concerns still exist about immigrants ' ability to integrate into broader society. Americans feel as if they have to adjust to the different ethnicity because their language can take over their country and they can maybe lose their jobs from the illegal immigration that is happening in the United States. Also, the fear of our citizens are that any immigrant that illegally come over to the United States; can be a dangerous terrorist or even a criminal felon. What the U.S. Americans want is the illegal immigration to stop and have the immigrants come over and learn English and take the test and get their citizenship the right way. (Jimenez, 2016)
Deficiencies in the Evidence There is no deficiencies in the research. The researcher had no lack of evidence to support the research on illegal immigration.
The audience are the people of the United States that is affected who are Americans and naturalized citizens. People in other countries that deal with immigration in their country are also affected. The government and businesses who can use these
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