Immigration Policy Should Be Reformed

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The United States has people coming in and out of the country every day. Most of these people are welcomed at airports and borders, and most do not intend to stay in the United States. Some of these immigrants are tourists, business visitors, students, and foreign workers. Other arrivals are refugees because they are escaping to better their future or from their countries violence and some are unauthorized or illegal foreigners. Several immigrants enter legally as tourists and then stay in the United States, but most enter the country unlawfully by eluding border patrol agents or using false documents to circumvent border inspectors. In the past, the United States was formed from many immigrants whom the Founding Fathers were descendants from and made a powerful country. Immigration is positive for the United States because there are political, economic, and multicultural benefits; therefore, immigration policy should be reformed to allow and encourage immigration. First of all, immigrants positively benefit the United States in which most of the time is not understood. One of the most important political rights is that all persons born in the U.S. are automatically citizens. Immigrants have been able to live in any place where they please, buy a house, land, or business without restrictions helping the government’s money cycle. Immigrants can seek for jobs, except for certain government jobs that are restricted to U.S. citizens, on an equal balance in ways that bring new…
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