Immigration Problems In America

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Bradley Heselmeyer
Professor Thompson
GOVT 2305
5 Dec. 2017

Immigration Problems in America America as we know it today, faces many problems, both domestically and with foreign nations. These problems can include but are not limited to, healthcare, education, and the biggest of all, immigration. Immigration is a major issue regarding the safety of the nation and needs to be dealt with. A vast and controversial problem facing the security of America, and its interests is the issue of illegal immigration. Increasing the number of agents, upgrading their technology, and increasing distance of border is a viable solution. This can be achieved by using Congress to increase the budget allowing more jobs to open up, and allow more spending on upgraded technologies.
I. Immigration History
The history of immigration as a whole date back to as far as anyone can remember. However, immigration to the United States didn’t really start till around the 1800’s. Immigration continued to boom even through the Great Depression and the 1930’s. During this period, nearly 60 million people around the globe left their homes to start a new life somewhere else and roughly half of those came to the United States. These immigrants came from all over, mostly European countries. However, they came to this country legally and made it the place it is today. These people built America and gave it its character and own sense of individualism. This was only possible because of the fact that majority of
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