Immigration Reform And No Action

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In 2001, my father crossed the border from Mexico to the United States through the desert in order to gives us a better life. Since Mexico 's economy was inadequate, my father was unable to find a job and talked with my aunt. My aunt suggested my father to come to the United States to work in her company that she had, but we never imagine that after two years my father was going to go back to Mexico to pick us up in order for us to not be separated again. In 2004, we came to the United States my parents knew what they were doing; however, my brother and I had not other choice than come with them since we had no voice at that time. Now that we are here, we questioned them, because we cannot do what every other person or friend can do instead of us. Although there has been a struggle from a lot of people in the United States protesting for an immigration reform and no action has been done, I agree that Obama 's Immigration Reform Plan using the “Executive Order” was the right action to take on immigration reform for several reasons. The first reason why I concede with Obama 's Immigration Reform Plan using the “Executive Order” is the right action to take on immigration reform is because it is going to help the economic growth. This action it 's going to create new jobs and increase salaries not just for the ones who are actually applying but also for the American citizens. According to a Unites States News article, Hinojosa-Ojeda, who obtained his bachelors in
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